På bedre papir: belysning af en slags bogkultur

Harald Ilsøe

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    NB: Artiklen er på dansk, kun resuméet er på engelsk. Harald Ilsøe: On better paper … Elucidation of a book culture of some kind. During the years 1916-20, the Danish book market was characterized by a boom in the production of both paperbacks and by books, which were – or were passed off as being made of sumptuous “bibliophile” material by e.g. being printed on better paper or printed in a limited number of copies, which were numbered and some­times signed by the author. The paperback production has previously been treated in volume 45 (2006), whereas the bibliophile aspects, in particular the production of books on better paper such as Dutch or Japanese paper, were previously neglected in the literature on book history. This also applies to the previous course. The inves­tigation period stretches from approx. 1888 to 1921, but reviews the development since the 1600s when an overall decrease in paper quality caused selected books to be printed only in minor sub-editions on so-called writing paper or similarly to an extent which seemingly peaked around 1760-1810. A booklist stated in the appendix is in part compiled on the basis of book auctions and antiquarian catalogues. Besides documenting the prevalence of books in special material in general, it also shows that since the mid-1880s quite a few books were printed in minor sub-editions on special paper, which never entered the ordinary market.
    Original languageDanish
    JournalDenmark. Kongelige Bibliotek. Fund og Forskning
    Pages (from-to)283-341
    Number of pages59
    Publication statusPublished - 2009

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