Altid forandret: Sygdommens materialitet hos Emil Westman Hertz

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This article seeks to investigate how disease as a corporeal experience is manifested in the motifs and materials in the works of Danish artist Emil Westman Hertz (1978-2016). Inspired by the curious, accumulative polyphony that is present in his work, the analytic approach attempts to stay within the grey areas of ambivalence and doubt in identifying how the notion of disease is at play. Through Astrida Neimani's notion of hydrofeminism,
which offers trans-species and trans-corporeal interconnections, and Eve Ensler’s biographical thoughts on cancer, this article approaches the otherness of disease as a communal story. In this way, instead of isolating disease as something purely personally connected to Westman Hertz, it can be viewed as a mode of expression and basis for experiencing the world, where the boundaries between body and world become transgressible.
Original languageDanish
Issue number26
Pages (from-to)94-109
Number of pages16
Publication statusPublished - 30 Nov 2021

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