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The ideal and sustainable climate for Panel Paintings
The Science4Arts research program aims to investigate changes in artworks with regard to an object’s chemical and physical dynamics, significance and substance, as well as its frame of reference. Collaboration between specialists in the fields of conservation, humanities, physical and chemical sciences is pivotal as they collectively investigate an object or group of related objects in a museum environment.
The program aims to develop and strengthen interchange between the research of various research institutions and the museological field.
Materials such as textile, paper and wood can supper considerably in climatologically volatile surroundings. They may shrink, crack or break. Controlling the museological environment is thus important. However, sustaining a stable environment requires la large energy consumption and financial resources. The team will based on scientific research investigate which type of climate regimes best compromises the well-being of the art works and the financial restraint of current museums.
Effective start/end date13/08/201231/10/2016