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The goal of this new research-based network is to create a strong and lasting collaboration between interdisciplinary researchers active within four universities and five research museums. The network will work towards the aim of strengthening the exchange of theoretical and object related research into paintings from the 16th and 17th centuries by joining the forces of the humanities and the natural sciences. Via a combined approach to understanding the impact of the colour of the ground layers of paintings on the visual appearance of art works we will enhance art lovers at all levels to appreciate the influence of materiality on the perception. The network will work towards formulations of strong research applications both nationally and across boarders via the H2020, ERC and MSCA-ITN actions. The coordination of the network will take place at the Centre for Art Technical Studies & Conservation (CATS) at Statens Museum for Kunst (SMK).
Effective start/end date02/10/201731/01/2020


  • Danmarks Frie Forskningsfond, Kultur og Kommunikation: €99,979.66