CoNeXT: Ancient Inks as Technology

  • Buti, David (Project participant)
  • Vila , Anna (Project participant)
  • Christiansen, Thomas (Project applicant)
  • Ryholt, Kim (Project applicant)
  • Lindelof, Poul Erik (Project participant)

Project: Research

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The aim is to characterize the black inks on some papyri fragments belonging to a huge collection donated by the Carlsberg Foundation (The Papyrus Carlsberg Collection). The main goal is to differentiate among different recipes and possibly give information about the provenance. The analyses carried out at CATS will complement bibliographical and historical interpretation of the papyri collection.
Dissemination: Article to be published in collaboration with the Egyptology department of the University of Copenhagen.
Effective start/end date11/02/2014 → …


  • Papyrus Carlsberg Foundation
  • Black inks