An Augmented-Reality based Information System to support Art Restoration activities

  • Carrozzino, Marcello (Project manager, organisational)
  • Bellucci, R (Project participant)
  • Hola, Alexandra (Project participant)
  • Wadum, Jørgen (Project participant)

Project: Research

Project Details


Art restorers require access to digital information during the restoration process. This documentation is typically managed and used in an unstructured way or using software tools which often present unfriendly interfaces for people not necessarily possessing high ICT skills. Augmented Reality (AR) provides a natural interface to access and visualize digital information directly on the workspace of the operator.
The present proposal focuses on the realization of ARISART, an Information System based on Augmented Reality (AR) technologies aiming at producing, managing, and accessing digital documentation to support the restoration activities, fostering also new ways of communication and collaboration among restorers, even remotely located. ARISART improves also the effectiveness of producing new documentation enabling the use of media different from traditional ones (videos, audio commentaries, 3D models) making also new types of dissemination possible.
Possible exploitation is foreseen not only in the sector of art restoration but also, being the developed system able to constitute a powerful divulgation tool, in the sector of museums and centers promoting art and culture. ARISART will in fact offer an effective access to a considerable amount of digital information of different kinds, exploiting the power (also in terms of appeal and attraction, especially for young people) of a novel and compelling technology.
Effective start/end date30/07/201407/02/2015

Collaborative partners

  • SSSA (lead)
  • OPD, Firenze
  • Academy of Fine Arts, Krakow