Organisation profile

Organisation profile

Trapholt takes an exploratory approach to its work, bringing together research and studies from all corners of the organisation to ensure that the knowledge generated is actively used and applied across the entire museum.

Trapholt conducts research and studies within four formats:

Collection research (Collection format): The collection management and research reflects Trapholt’s subject areas – arts, crafts and design – and take place in connection with exhibitions, acquisitions or dissemination initiatives, for example by identifying and sharing reasons for new acquisitions.

Academic research (Academic format): Peer reviewed research within the fields of art history, museology, audience studies and dissemination. This takes place in connection with the other forms of research – collection research, exhibition research and audience research – conducted at Trapholt.

Exhibition research and evaluations (Financial format): Exhibition research denotes the knowledge generated in connection with an exhibition. Evaluations examine issues such as demographics, the effects of marketing, audience initiatives or audience satisfaction.

Audience research (Democratic participation format): Museum practices and participation as agents of change. Audience research at Trapholt examines issues associated with public participation, user experiences, well-being and social spaces. The research involves studies and reflections on current practices.