Organisation profile

Organisation profile

Greve Museum is a state approved cultural history museum that consists of two museum departments as well as two archives. The museum is owned by Greve Municipality.

Mosede Fort – Denmark 1914-18 conveys the history of Denmark during the First World War. Mosede Fort is a former military area that is now open to the public. The construction of the fort was initiated in 1913 and completed in 1916. The fort has been restored and the fort’s casemates now form the framework for the exhibition.

Greve Museum is located at Grevegård an old four-winged Hedebo farmhouse from 1826 and the museum building itself is a part of the story that is shown in the old rooms. The museum conveys the history of Greve Municipality from approximately 1800 to present day.

Greve Municipal Archive is part of Greve Museum and Greve Local Archive is located at Grevegård.

Mosede Fort and Greve Museum work with relevant themes through research, exhibitions, co-creation, digital communication, SoMe, events, teaching, lifelong learning and a number of other varied activities for and with different audience.

The museum's research profile is concentrated on the three main topics:

Denmark during World War I.

Welfare history and suburban life in the 20th and 21st centuries

The history of the Hedebo area from 1800 to today with a special focus on the textile cultural heritage.


  • Kulturarv 90.1
  • Første verdenskrig 91.91