Reading between the Lines: A 17th Century Corpus of Funeral Inscriptions from Odense Revisited

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    The article presents a reading in context of the manuscript, Monvmenta et
    Inscriptiones Otthinienses Uberioribus Historicis et Genealogicis
    Illustratæ Notis, composed c. 1679 by Jens and Jacob Bircherod, and
    comprising 325 inscriptions from churches and profane buildings in Odense.
    In the corpus, Danmarks Kirker. Odense Amt (1990–2001) the collection
    proved an invaluable guide to Late Medieval and Early Lutheran funeral
    monuments, the amount of which during the subsequent centuries was
    reduced by more than 75%. However, a conspectus of the material in toto has
    never been undertaken. The following lines aim at presenting a preliminary
    survey of commemorative patterns in a major Danish urban community,
    equally taking into account changing confessional practices across the
    watershed of the Lutheran Reformation. Focus will be directed towards 139
    examples from c. 1475–1618, representing different social groups, men and
    women, ranging from members of the nobility and upper strata of the clergy,
    the municipal corporation and the learned elite to more ordinary citizens,
    craftsmen or clergymen.
    TidsskriftRenæssanceforum. Tidsskrift for renæssanceforskning
    Sider (fra-til)261-290
    Antal sider29
    StatusUdgivet - 2017