Persistent Web References – Best Practices and New Suggestions

Bidragets oversatte titel: Persistente web referencer – Best Practices og nye forslag

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    In this paper, we suggest adjustments to best practices for persistent web referencing; adjustments that aim at preservation and long time accessibility of web referenced resources in general, but with focus on web references in web archives.

    Web referencing is highly relevant and crucial for various research fields, since an increasing number of references point to resources that only exist on the web. However, present practices using URL and date reference cannot be regarded as persistent due to the volatile nature of the Internet, - and present practices for references to web archives only refer to archive URLs which depends on the web archives access implementations.

    A major part of the suggested adjustments is a new web reference standard for archived web references (called wPID), which is a supplement to the current practices. The purpose of the standard is to support general, global, sustainable, humanly readable and technology agnostic persistent web references that are not sufficiently covered by existing practices. Furthermore, it can support better practices for precise references in spite of the temporality issues for web material as well as issues related to closed web archives.

    In order to explain needed change of practices based on the wPID, the paper includes a thorough description of the challenges in web references. This description is based on the perspectives from computer science, web collection and Digital Humanities.
    Bidragets oversatte titelPersistente web referencer – Best Practices og nye forslag
    Publikationsdato5 okt. 2016
    Antal sider10
    StatusUdgivet - 5 okt. 2016
    BegivenhedThe 13th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects - BERNEXPO AG, Bern, Schweiz
    Varighed: 3 okt. 20166 okt. 2016


    KonferenceThe 13th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects
    LokationBERNEXPO AG


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