Køge 2. A Clinker-built Shipwreck from the Medieval Harbour of Køge, Zealand, Denmark

Publikation: KonferencebidragPaperForskningpeer review


The development of a new cityscape in the old industrial harbour
known as ‘Sønder Havn’ in Køge in eastern Zealand led
in the summer of 2018 to the finding of a clinker-built shipwreck.
The ship had been built in the 1520s, exclusively from
oak, and had undergone a reinforcement in the stem some ten
years after the initial building phase, hereby adding an extra
outer layer of clinker planks and five riders on top of the floor
timbers. The extensive dendrochronological analysis showed
that the planks had been felled in the eastern Baltic area,
while the floor timbers and the keel of the vessel were from
somewhere in the vicinity of the Rhine’s mouth. Of the ship,
only the parts below the waterline were preserved, partly due
to the groundwater level but probably equally due to salvaging
shortly after wrecking.
Publikationsdato31 jan. 2024
Antal sider34
StatusUdgivet - 31 jan. 2024