Innovative Methods: Unexpected Stories of Bronze Age Female Mobility, Leadership, and Global Networks.

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The development of new scientific methodologies and, consequently, the arrival of increasing amounts of new data regarding the individual mobility(ies) of prehistoric persons—especially females, but also males—is changing current scholarly understanding of the dynamics of later European prehistory. The increasing use of isotopic tracing techniques such as strontium isotope analysis as well as other approaches to studying mobility have shown that, while previous models for gendered mobility still apply, there were also many other alternative mobility patterns which were possible as well. As a result, scholars are becoming more aware that women seem to have been more mobile than previously thought, and that their mobility patterns may have been manifold. Consequently, the reasons for their mobility may have been many, and their role in the transmission of knowledge and, hence, in the development of societies may also have been greater than previously thought.
Publikationsdatomaj 2022
UdgiverThe New Historia
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StatusUdgivet - maj 2022