Biography, Gender and History: Nordic Perspectives

Erla Hulda Halldórsdóttir (Redaktør), Tiina Kinunnen (Redaktør), Maarit Läskela-Kärki (Redaktør), Birgitte Possing (Redaktør)

Publikation: Bog/antologi/afhandling/rapportAntologiForskningpeer review


Doing biography / Erla Hulda Halldórsdóttir, Tiina Kinnunen, Maarit Leskelä-Kärki, page 7
How does one relate a complex life? Reflections on a polyphonic portrait of the minister and intellectual Bodil Koch (1903-1973) / Brigitte Possing, page 37
Biography as a way of challenging gender stereotypes : reflections on writing about the Swedish author and feminist Frida Stéenhoff (1865-1945) / Christina Carlsson Wetterberg, page 61
A biography of her own : the historical narrative and Sigríður Pálsdóttir (1809-1871) / Erla Hulda Halldórsdóttir, page 81
Group biography as an approach to studying manhood and religion in late nineteenth-century Finland / Antti Harmainen, page 101
Love and emotions in the diplomatic world : the relationship between Bodil Begtrup's public and private lives, 1937-1956 / Kristine Kjærsgaard, page 121
'Fighting sisters' : a comparative biography of Ellen Key (1849-1926) and Alexandra Gripenberg (1857-1913) in the contested field of European feminisms / Tiina Kinnunen, page 143
Telling stories of gendered space and place : the political agency of the Swedish Communist Valborg Svensson (1903-1983) / Irene Andersson, page 165
Remembering mother : relations and memory in the biographical project on Minna Krohn (1841-1917) / Maarit Leskelä-Kärki, page 187
Coming together : early Finnish medical women and the multiple levels of historical biography / Heini Hakosalo, page 209
Bad girl biographies : child welfare documents as gendered biographies / Kaisa Vehkalahti, page 231
Afterword : future challenges / Tiina Kinnunen, Maarit Leskelä-Kärki, Erla Hulda Halldórsdóttir, Brigitte Possing, page 251
Forlagk&h, kultuurihistoria, Turun yliopisto, The University of Turku, Finland
Antal sider200
ISBN (Trykt)9512966778, 9789512966776
StatusUdgivet - 8 dec. 2016
NavnCultural History - Kulttuurihistoria

Note vedr. afhandling

The anthology is published December 8, 2016, and focuses on historical biography in the Nordic countries and how it has been discussed, put into practice and theorized during the past two to three decades, especially from the perspective of women’s and gender history. It presents articles by researchers from Finland, Iceland, Sweden and Denmark, an introduction on the doing of biography and afterword on future challenges by the editors.


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