A replication project inside out - Rembrandt or not Rembrandt

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This paper recounts the extensive research conducted over twenty-five years into the early painting techniques of the young Rembrandt van Rijn. It highlights the evolution of understanding regarding Rembrandt's techniques, beginning with a pivotal 1998 discovery of an underdrawing in a 1629 portrait. This finding led to a reattribution of the Mauritshuis portrait as a copy and the Nuremberg painting as an original Rembrandt. Subsequent infrared examinations of numerous early Rembrandt works and those of his contemporaries revealed significant technical differences, furthering the distinction between authentic Rembrandt works and others.

A recent replication study by Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, in collaboration with The Mauritshuis, reassessed previous findings with advanced technologies, confirming the reliability of earlier research. The study emphasized the importance of continuous re-evaluation and meticulous documentation in art historical research, demonstrating how modern tools can offer new insights into historical art practices. The findings underscore the evolving nature of understanding Rembrandt's techniques and the collaborative aspects of his workshop.
UdgiverHumanities and Social Sciences Communications (HSSC)
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StatusUnder udarbejdelse - 2024