Representing History Through Data - A Datasprint Series

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    2017 is the centenary of the sale of the Danish West Indies. On that occasion The Royal Library digitises and makes available 2000 maps and images from the former Danish colonies.
    The Royal Library and IT University of Copenhagen invites employees and students to join the exploration of the maps and images and to bring analytical skills and know-how to visualize the material in three datasprints. Technical know-how is not a premise.
    The datasprints offers the possibility of working with images and maps from the Royal Library’s collection and dealing with following questions: What characterizes the collection? How can its contents be analysed? And how can it be visualised not as a window to the world but as a collection with recurrent subjects and places, with certain ways of looking?
    Effektiv start/slut dato01/10/201612/12/2016


    • datasprint
    • digital humanities
    • digital humaniora
    • Dansk Vestindien
    • Caribien
    • visual culture
    • visuel kultur
    • cartography
    • photography