An analysis of the major royal castles with special regard to their functions and strategic importance

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    Initially the book sums up the research up to now in the royal castles of Denmark during the 14th century, seen in an European context. New analysis is carried out on special topics as: the keep, the layout of the main castle, the buildings on the bailey, finds etc. During the last few years the National Museum has carried out several excavations on castles from the 14th century: Gurre, Kalø, Gl. Brattingsborg and Kelstrup. The results from these investigations will be presented in a broader context. Separate chapters will deal with the administrative functions of the royal castles as well as their strategic importance.
    The book will present the results of many years work with the royal castles of Denmark, based on both the written sources as well as archaeological investigations. By tradition there has been a sharp distinction between the two scholarly disciplines, which to a certain degree has curbed on the research up to now. The book gives an overall view on the extensive material, and draw up the development of the castles during the century. At the same time it focuses on the special role of the castles in the administration of the royal fiefs and their importance for the political ambitions of the Crown.
    The results are compared to investigations and research in other European countries.
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