We invite you inside for an inspiring art talk on the occasion of the launch of this year's edition of Kærs Kunstkalender. Meet the unique art detective Peter Kær and hear him talk about this year's work and artist Nicolai Abraham Abildgaard.

About Kær's Art Calendar

Every day in December, a new door opens to one work from SMK's large collection. The popular art dealer Peter Kær zooms in and looks at the individual components in the picture, and each door opens to yet another of the artwork's many stories. The calendar consists of 24 small video episodes that are posted on YouTube one at a time, during December.

This year, Peter Kær explores NA Abildgaard's dramatic painting  The Wounded Philoctetes  from 1775. Meet Peter Kær and hear him talk about Abildgaard's fascinating art and life seen through one work.

After the launch, there is an opportunity to go up to the collection and see the original painting in the company of Peter Kær.

Periode1 dec. 2022