The expanding archives of the Situationist International - and a (possible) rewriting of the story of the movement

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The Situationist International are among the most prominent avant-garde movements appearing after the Second World War. The filmmaker and theoretician Guy Debord was an important driving force behind the movement, both as the director of the movement’s journal, Internationale situationniste, and as its theoretical mastermind (especially La Société du spectacle) and taking care of most of the logistics as well. A number of ‘situationist’ archives have been made available on public institutions within the last 10-15 years in France and United States, hereby supplementing existing archives in museums and libraries in Denmark. In my paper, I’ll address the consequences and the research potential of this specific ‘archival turn’. To what extent has this accessibility of the documents (the letters, manuscripts, drafts and so on) challenged the existing narratives, which until now have had Debord as their pivotal point? Which limits (i.e. language barriers, geographical location, the registration and the lacking digitization of the documents etc.) can be observed?
Periode5 nov. 2022
BegivenhedstitelCompleting/Critiquing the Cultural History of the Avant-Garde
in the Nordic Countries 1900-2020.
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  • Situationistisk Internationale
  • avantgarde
  • arkiver
  • Guy Debord
  • Asger Jorn
  • Jørgen Nash
  • J. V. Martin