Teaching with living history - An educational role play about living at a monastery in the 14th-15th century

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Skanderborg Museum with the department Øm Abbey Museum is offering the local community schools the possibility of participating in an educational role play in the ruins of a monastery from the 15th century. There are no orcs or fights, but time for absorption and reflection, and a great fellowship where all are equal to God. The age of the pupils are 10-13, attending grades 4 to 6 of Danish Primary School. The pupils play the roles of novices on probation. As they dress in the woolen black and white suit of the order and receive new names, they enter and experience a part of middle age life.
The role play is facilitated by one of the museum staff, who is an archaeologist and skilled in museum learning. The museum department Øm Abbey Museum is in fact a very large excavation site, revealing the most complete ground plan of a Danish Cistercian monastery.
We experience, that this type of museum learning, a scenario based role play, provide a useful addition to the teaching at the school. At the same time we are aware, that taking classes out of the class room and engaging with external teachers require an understanding of the roles of the educators, both the class teacher and the museums teacher in terms of the responsibility of the learning outcome for the pupils.
We would like to share our experiences of this matter and to tell about our co-operation with schools in reforming the Danish school system.
BegivenhedstitelEAA 2015
ArrangørEuropean Association of Archaeologists
PlaceringGlasgow, StorbritannienVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational