Supporting Teaching incorporates archaeology into school curriculum

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During the last ten years, Museum Skanderborg has offered a variety of learning session to the local primary and secondary schools. Six out of 10 learning sessions are based on archaeological excavation and research and archaeological methods are explained as part of the sessions. The sessions are developed to support curricula in the schools and to complement and underpin the scholarly teaching in subjects. The aim is to use history and archaeological artefacts to support and develop shared identity of the children and make them feel part of history.
Another offer for the school are the possibility of having the museum curator and archaeologist visiting the school giving a lecture of nearly any given subject of local historical or archaeological origin they wish for. Five years ago, the Danish government rolled out a school reform where they introduced the term “Supporting Teaching”. Others than schoolteachers can teach these lessons and that is what the museum does by offering these lectures. Especially the story of the grave of a Viking chieftain and rider from the local area is very popular.
When the museum has a high profile excavation, we offer special learning sessions at the excavation site. These sessions are of limited number as the work at the excavation is not to be disturbed too much by the teaching. The excavation sessions always get booked out and sometimes have a waiting list. Archaeology is quite popular.
The paper will present the connection to school curricula of the museum’s variety of learning offers. With examples from real life with the school classes engaging with archaeological knowledge, we share our concepts of an educational role-play, supporting teaching lectures, field archaeology visits and more.
BegivenhedstitelEAA 2020 Virtual: European Association of Archaeologists Annual Meeting
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