Nordic collections on display – shared challenges – shared knowledge

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    All museums share the challenge on exhibiting light sensitive objects from their collections without risking permanent loss of color. The intensity and quality of the exhibition light in combination with the specific light sensitivity of an object may be difficult to control and require special knowledge from conservators.
    The cultural heritage in our museums has the material´s characteristics and the preservations challenges in common. Objects go on loan between the museums, the heritage is shared – the collections are joined. The knowledge of light sensitivity of colored material and writing inks is highly specialized and equipment for analysis is expensive. As we are getting more and more specialized we have to share knowledge between the institutions which we all can benefit from.
    The Royal Library has specialized in analyzing the risk of light to collections, a knowledge which is highly relevant to other institutions as well. Based on analysis of materials found in our collections we are familiar with organic and inorganic colors and the huge variety in inks used for handwriting. This field can be developed further to safeguard the Nordic cultural heritage and the potential for collaboration on this topic is evident as institutions share the interest in getting to know the light sensitivity specific to materials in their collections.
    Periode30 sep. 2015
    BegivenhedstitelCulture across Boundaries: Conference on museum challenges and possibilities for future Nordic collaboration
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