Materials at Sea. Trading Painters’ Supplies in 17th Century Denmark

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During the reign of King Christian IV (1577–1648) the Royal Danish Colour Chamber provided painters and craftsmen of the Danish court with a wide variety of materials. The account books from the Colour Chamber constitute an exceptional source for information about the origin of the materials used for projects that served to manifest the king’s cultural superiority. Projects that also included vast decorations of the King’s warships. The trade in painters’ materials between the Netherlands and Denmark in the first half of the 17th century is explored, together with the routes through which the materials arrived at the Danish court. Letters from the Danish kings and their administrations, pricelists and inventories from apothecaries and grocers, accounts from Christian IV’s Colour Chamber, as well as records from the Sound Dues constitute the point of departure of this presentation.
Periode9 jun. 2023
BegivenhedstitelAcross the Seas | About the Seas: Maritime Art History in Early Modern Denmark
PlaceringKiel, Tyskland, Slesvig-HolstenVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational