Magiske Dage and Science and Beers present: Which Witch is WITCH?

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Which witch is witch?
It is “spooky season” and the stores are filled to the brim with Halloween decorations and witchy wares. But why does the witch wear a pointed hat? Do witches always wear black? Do they only keep black cats as pets? And why do they fly on brooms?
Museum curator from HEX! Museum of Witch Hunt and PhD in the history of witchcraft Maria Østerby Elleby will in this lecture talk about the history of the witch from the ancient roots of flying night creatures to the witch hunts of the 15-1600s to the modern conception of the feminist witch. The talk will engage with shifting magical beliefs, fear of the devil and the reimagining of a complicated past, while we try to tackle which witch is which.
Periode19 okt. 2023
Sted for afholdelseScience and Beers
Grad af anerkendelseInternational