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    Keynote speaker at "LGB_80: Ett symposium om och med Lars-Gunnar Bodin". Abstract: “I want to talk about aesthetics”. Technology as an aesthetic characteristic in Cybo 1 and Cybo 2. “Why does everybody want to talk about technology? I want to talk about aesthetics“, Lars Gunnar Bodin said to me during an interview about EMS in 2009. He proceeded to put his words into action by handing me an issue of The Nordic Journal of Aesthetics from 2003 with his article “Musiken – En Gränslös Konstart?” in which he discusses the aesthetics of electroacoustic music. Following Bodin’s call and using his article as a point of departure, I will discuss the aesthetics of Cybo 1 and Cybo 2 (1967). At the same time and in spite of Bodin’s hesitation, I will also investigate the role of technology in these works. I do not do this to show the technical details of the production of the work. However, I do so to highlight how technology is presented and represented as an overall theme in these pieces. I suggest that these pieces let us experience sounds of technology; that is, sounds that were were iconic of technology to the audience of the 1960s. In fact, one might even claim that the aesthetics of sound in Cybo 1 and Cybo 2 and their effect on audiences are still with us today. My emphasis on the aesthetics of sound in/as technology is inspired by theories of performance and performativity, which necessarily also lead me to pay attention to aspects such as media, materiality, situation, audience, composer
    Periode5 nov. 20156 nov. 2015
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