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Moderator of the session 'Technologies of emotion and imagination' with speaker Olga Tykhonova, Museumbooster

Technology allows to amplify the message and widen the outreach, it can be instrumental in terms of resources and costs optimization, AI can offer you a vision and a scenario – the opportunities and expectations for boosted capacities are mesmerising.
But technology is not a magic wand in itself. As a sector we need to acknowledge there is more innovation in technologies available to cultural institutions than in the processes they are applied to. How can institutions develop relevance and harness the potential of digital technologies, particularly to the extent where it can be seen on the balance sheet? How can we and should we shift our focus from technologies of ‘information and data’, to those of world-building, emotion and imagination?
Periode7 okt. 2022
PlaceringKøbenhavn, DanmarkVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • digital capacity building
  • innovation
  • museum sector
  • kulturkraft
  • conference