If the bomb falls

Aktivitet: Tale eller præsentationForedrag og mundtlige bidrag


How do you communicate the work of an underground Cold War Command Centre? During The Cold War Civil Defense Forces in Denmark had placed a number of Command Centre’s throughout the country to be prepared. The local community had monthly drills, training for the worst case scenario. Command Centre Skanderborg was placed in a bunker build by the German Luftwaffe during WW2 as part of their headquarters in Skanderborg. The bunker was rebuilt in 1963 and in function until 1993.
The Cold War was a time of great fear throughout the world. For today’s young people, that can be a bit hard to imagine and understand.
In the process of deciding how to communicate the bunker and it’s function Museum Skanderborg teamed up with the local high school. Through discussion panel s and an innovation project that involved a gamification scientist as well as the museum curators, the work with the students led to the development of an educational roleplay in the Command Centre together with professional roleplay instructors and teachers. The aim of the roleplay is to make the youngsters feel a bit of the panic for the Big Bomb. Several classes have already tested the game. This paper will put forward the concept as an inspiration for others and seek to evaluate on the weaknesses and strengths in the project so far.
Periodeapr. 2016
BegivenhedstitelPost-Medieval Archaeology Congress 2016: 50 years of SPMA
PlaceringSheffield, StorbritannienVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational