I Congreso Internacional De Museos Y Estrategias Digitales

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Old Collections Inspiring New Creativity: The digitisation of cultural heritage collections has been going on for several decades, promising unprecedented potential for museums to fulfil its public mission of opening up knowledge and cultural heritage to fuel participation, learning and creativity.
SMK – Statens Museum for Kunst is the national gallery of Denmark, featuring more than 700 years of art. Many of the artworks are in the public domain due to age. When digitised, they can be freely re-used as raw materials for any purpose. At SMK, we believe that our digitised cultural heritage can be important building blocks for new creativity, and that they enable deeper engagement and learning. But believing is not enough. We want to be able to demonstrate that we are having the impact that we project.
How can museums become better at demonstrating that we’re achieving this ambition? Can we design for such impact rather than experiment and hope for the best? Can we provide tangible evidence that we are reaching our objectives? In my talk, I’ll show examples of how SMK seeks to make our digital collection matter to people, and how we try to capture the impact we’re having with tools and methods that all museums can adopt.
Periode25 mar. 202126 mar. 2021
PlaceringValència, SpanienVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseInternational


  • online collection
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  • creativity
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  • participation
  • public domain