From Past to Present: Navigating socio-environmental stress between decline and collapse - (Begivenhed)

  • John Haldon (Medlem)
  • Lee Mordechai (Medlem)
  • Arneborg, J. (Medlem)
  • Timothy Newfield (Medlem)
  • Adam Izdebski (Medlem)
  • Thomas McGovern (Medlem)
  • Inga Labuhn (Medlem)
  • Georgina Endfield (Medlem)
  • Luke Kemp (Medlem)
  • Benjamin Trump (Medlem)
  • Kathleen Morrison (Medlem)

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    Project Summary:
    How did environmental and climatic changes, whether sudden high impact events or less obvious gradual changes impact human responses in past cultures? How did societal perceptions of such changes affect behavioral patterns and explanatory rationalities in the premodern past? Can a better understanding of these relationships inform our response to contemporary problems of similar nature and magnitude, such as adapting to climate change? Can a historical approach help overcome such problems? Our Pursuit aims to use three rich historical case studies from the premodern Mediterranean and north Atlantic worlds to interrogate the linkages between different types of socio-environmental interaction over the decadal and centennial scales. By synthesizing historical, archaeological, and natural science-derived data the Pursuit illuminates these interactions and disentangles the range of causal relationships that generated the historical outcomes we can see in our data. And by modeling these highly complex systems, we hope to aid contemporary thinking about societal-environmental interactions in policy and planning. Our research group brings together a diverse and interdisciplinary team of scholars (historians, archaeologists, ecologists and palaeoscientists, among others) from North and South America, Europe, and the Middle East to establish a common methodologically-innovative framework that may be applied in both historical inquiries as well as in broader scholarly and public science discourse.
    Periodeapr. 2020maj 2021
    BegivenhedstitelFrom Past to Present: Navigating socio-environmental stress between decline and collapse - : Tre netværksmøder
    PlaceringAnnapolis MA, USAVis på kort
    Grad af anerkendelseInternational