DOORS - Digital Incubator for Museums

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DOORS - Digital Incubator for Museums comes to support museums at a moment in which attitudes towards the digitalisation of the sector are changing. The accelerated pace of technological and digital developments and the pressure coming from the competition with on-demand content, creates not only haunting insecurity, but also a strong desire for change in the sector. The challenges of digitalisation are disproportionately found within smaller museums where the technologies and expertise to launch and sustain digital strategies are usually
unattainable. DOORS aims to approach and reduce the digitalisation gap by creating the space for small- and medium-size institutions to both voice their needs and offering them access to knowledge, resources, expertise, particularly an incubation and skill-building programme. The project will set up a space in which institutions and their staff, the DOORS consortium, the Orbit around the programme - advisory board members, jury members, mentors, together with experts from the creative and tech industry, engage in continuous conversation to expand each other's understanding of what is possible, needed, and desirable in the field of museum digitalisation. We believe DOORS will become an important
stepping stone for small- and medium-size museums in Europe.
Periode1 jan. 202230 jun. 2023
Arbejd forMuseum Booster, Østrig
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  • digital museum practice
  • H2020
  • incubator
  • experience design
  • advisory board