Distributed Digital Preservation (DDP): Issues and Options for Organizations

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    Aligning with good practice for digital preservation increasingly requires that repositories engage in distributed digital preservation. We define distributed digital preservation as “the use of replication, independence, and coordination to address the known threats to digital content through time to ensure their accessibility” [Zierau and Schultz, 2013.]

    This workshop will provide an overview of distributed digital preservation core concepts, the status of current practice, and an in-depth and interactive demonstration of the Outer OAIS-Inner OAIS (OO-IO) Model, a collaboration of Eld Zierau of the Royal Library in Denmark and Nancy McGovern, director of the Digital Preservation Management workshop program. The OO-IO Model builds on work that was initiated and coordinated by Educopia. The workshop will conclude with a discussion of options and possible next steps for the community. The instructors for the workshop will be:

    Eld Zierau of the Royal Library of Denmark

    Katherine Skinner of Educopia

    Nancy McGovern of MIT Libraries

    For information about the OO-IO model, read the paper: http://digitalbevaring.dk/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Zierau_McGovern_Outer_Inter_OAIS.pdf

    Prior attendance at a Digital Preservation Management workshop is not required, but some experience with managing digital content for preservation and access is highly recommended.
    Periode30 okt. 2015
    BegivenhedstitelDistributed Digital Preservation (DDP): Issues and Options for Organizations
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