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The common is on the rise. Everywhere in the world citizens organize themselves outside government frameworks and are averse to the liberal market. In the Flemish cultural landscape we also see initiatives such as Common Wallet (Brussels), De Koer (Ghent), De Garage (Antwerp),… that are based on collective ownership and management of both material and intangible resources. In this congress we want to examine the value of this growing commoning community for culture. Can we make cultural policy 'commons proof'? What are the possibilities, but also the pitfalls of such a policy?

With lectures, inspiration sessions and workshops we will explore the value of the common in three domains.
Periode6 dec. 2022
PlaceringAntwerpen, BelgienVis på kort
Grad af anerkendelseNational


  • cultural commons
  • cultural heritage
  • openglam