Crucial Encounters: Danish Ingeborg Stemann and the Russian Prisoners of War

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Crucial Encounters Danish Ingeborg Stemann and the Russian Prisoners of War

The First World War changed nations but also affected the lives of individuals.
Countries and families were separated, but new encounters gave rise to new
communities and solidarities. Old notions of nationality, gender and class were
reinforced but also challenged. This was also the case in neutral Denmark where the
young Danish academic Ingeborg Stemann met a number of Russian prisoners of war
(POW) first as fugitives and later on as patients as they escaped to or were sent to
Denmark. In this paper I describe Stemann and her context within the research field of
"women at war" as well as what has been named the life-work-and-times biography.
Using nationalism, gender and class as pragmatic analytical tools, I describe Stemann
as an academic, an aid worker and an administrator, and discuss the different ways in
which she at times broke new ground. The presentation is based on empirical
studies/close readings of Stemann's own writings in letters, manuscripts, etc., but also
includes textual and visual sources.
Periode1 sep. 2017
BegivenhedstitelWomen's History Network Conference 2017: Women and the Wider World
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