Changing viewpoints: Looking at family albums from the former Danish West Indies / PANEL 36: SOUNDING DANISH COLONIALISM: IMAGES, ARCHIVES AND THE PERFORMANCE OF MEMORY, ROOM 27.1.47

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The Royal Danish Library holds a small collection of family albums from the former Danish colony in the West Indies. Danish families staged themselves in their exquisitely furnished rooms in front of amateur photographers or professionals around 1900. Afro-Caribbean servants were often included in the photographs.
The presentation places Danish family photography from the former colony within the established research field which combines postcolonial theory with photography, affect, cultural heritage, and memory studies.
The presentation includes an early daguerreotype as well as albums from the pharmacist, Alfred Paludan-Müller and the vicar, Povl Helweg-Larsen. It investigates the role of photography in memory making at the time but
centers on the present day reactions to and interpretation of the photographs – physical as well as digital.
Including reactions from the preparations of the exhibition Blind spots. Images of the Danish West Indies colony and the project What Lies Unspoken, it underlines the importance of interdisciplinarity and of multivocality when
studying the understanding of Denmark’s colonial past through family photographs.
Periode15 dec. 2017
BegivenhedstitelMemory Studies Association : Second Annual Conference
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