Art Matters Journal for Technical Art History (Tidsskrift)

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Technical Art History examines the act of art-making in all its facets, from all forms, times, and places. Its approach is interdisciplinary and combines the humanities and social sciences, as well as heritage science and conservation research to understand methods and materials of artistic practice. From initial idea to finished object, from making process to survival over time, the object’s biography takes central stage, set against ever-evolving cultural, political, economic, and social environments. At the core of Technical Art History as a discipline are technological texts and archival documents describing methods and materials; reconstructions as research tools; research into workshop practices; as well as exchanges of knowledge and materials between disciplines, from medieval times to present art production. Innovative digital methods are increasingly playing a crucial role within technical art history. Other focus points for current research include female artists and makers; the global exchange of techniques; the history of trade in artists’ materials, artistic and artisanal skills; the complexity of contemporary art practice; as well as the preservation of intangible cultural heritage such as the preservation of disappearing knowledge of specific crafts and artistic techniques.

ArtMatters therefore provides a platform for peer reviewed, open-access publications, as well as discourse on the rapidly developing interdisciplinary field. We welcome full-length papers as well as short notes that address the topics outlined above. We also provide a platform for special issues, and welcome news items and links to technical art history as well as related conservation and heritage science projects. Please get in touch with our team at [email protected]
Periode2 jul. 2021
Type af tidsskriftTidsskrift
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