Ågård - new excavations at a Viking Age site near Borgring

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From 2015-2018 excavations have been carried out on the Viking Age settlement Ågård situated to the north of the village of Bjæverskov. The settlement is interesting in the Borgring project because of its location only 6 km to the west of the fortress. Efforts have been made to try to establish which impact the building of Borgring had on this nearby settlement.
The Ågård settlement covers about 4 acres of which 1.5 acres so far have been excavated, revealing over 50 houses. AMS dating and the artefacts shows that the settlement has its beginning in the end of the 8th century. The houses are often large and well build containing some of the same elements that are seen on the magnate farms of Lejre and Strøby Toftegård. The artifacts includes high quality items like jewelry and weapons indicating that the residents of Ågård had power and influence above the average Viking Age settlement. The AMS datings and the artefact finds that we have at this point indicates a decline in the activity in the 10th century – perhaps as a consequence to the building of the Borgring or perhaps a slight shift in the placing of the settlement to the south into the village of Bjæverskov?
In the medieval times the village of Bjæverskov is the main town in both the parish and in the rather large shire of Bjæverskov. Excavations near the church in Bjæverskov - only 200 m to the south of the Viking Age settlement - have reviled several successive houses of a magnates farm dating from the 12th to the 14th century.
Periode26 nov. 2018
BegivenhedstitelThe Borgring Conference
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